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build confidence & Take Steps to create a job and life You love

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build confidence & Take Steps to create a job and life You love

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Love Yourself

Improving My Life During Uncertain Times

I wanted to share how I am improving my life during these uncertain times (Covid-19) to hopefully inspire some empowerment. First of all, I wanted to say I am grateful I have the ability to do so because my life hasn’t always been this way. I used to focus 100% of my time on healing when I fell ill for months. Sometimes change is imposed upon us and sometimes it comes within us.

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More Courage On International Women’s Day

Courage is the first word that comes to mind on International Women’s Day. I think about all the brave women before me that fought to make greatness in the world despite all the resistance to change, all the setbacks and all the people telling them no.

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Live Powerfully

Productivity Apps That Make Work Fun

Have you ever used your phone to your advantage to make you more productive vs a form of distraction? I am excited to share my favorite productivity apps with you and this builds on the previous post about accountability. Productivity apps can help hold you accountable as well as make work more fun!

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About Loving Leanne Coaching

Life & career transitions are daunting, confusing and full of fears of the unknown. Loving Leanne Coaching’s mission is to support you in building your courage so that you can transition to a life and career you love.

Beyond courage, you will also find practical tips here on building those foundation blocks as well as learn from the stories of Leanne and others so you can give yourself permission to follow your heart and build that dream life and career.

Finally, if you are ready and coaching is right for you, you have come to the right place to learn more about Loving Leanne’s 1:1 coaching offerings. Learn more about working with me here.

What's Next

how the process works

Who do you want to be?

Build a vision for yourself, your life and career. Know your purpose (your why), personal brand and values. Connect with you that you love the most. Understand how to manage your triggers and obstacles.

Build The Right Habits

In order to change your future, you need to change your present step-by-step. By knowing the right habits to build, you can get closer to pivoting to the life and career you've always wanted.

Overcome Obstacles Holding You Back

Identify your blindspots. Deep-dive into what is truly getting in your way and blocking your progress. Feel lighter knowing that you are no longer held back so you can step into empowered action.

Encouragement & Accountability

Receive enthusiastic support because you are amazing. Be held accountable to powerful actions and new habits. Celebrate your wins both small and big.

Transition to the Life & Career You Love

Make significant progress or fully transition to your next chapter depending on the program length, amount of effort and personal circumstance. Results vary per individual and we do not guarantee results but many clients have received phenomenal transformation. See testimonials here


What people are saying

I was starting to doubt my abilities and skills after a setback in my career. I would freeze up in interviews and Leanne made me understand why that might be happening and what steps I could take to bring out the best in me [...]
Nida Rashid
Business Transformation Manager, Pakistan
Before meeting Leanne I was having trouble finding myself in my career. She was the first professional I felt who truly listened to me and helped me navigate a transition from retail to a full-time tech career in a Fortune 500 company [...]
Jeff Schulte
Program Manager, Redmond, WA
I worked with Leanne to find my leadership style since I needed support as a co-founder of a non-profit. After the first session with her, I immediately noticed a change within me. I became a person that I really liked [...]
Kiho Park
Film Director, Japan

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