Who is Leanne?

I ’m a Self-Love and Empowerment coach. I help people create happiness through healthy habits, self-worth and empowering action so they can be at peace with themselves and live their desires.

If you want to uplevel your health, life and personal power, contact me!

I have been happily coaching for 5+ years!

The Loving Leanne Blog

Loving Leanne is a place where I share my life and knowledge about health, self-love, leadership and personal empowerment. Explore lovingleanne.com to learn how to love yourself first so you can be your best and live your best life, ever!
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Why Loving Leanne

This sanctuary was created after my father passed away and my health was slipping. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me but I remember my father’s last words to me: “You are loved, you were loved the day you were born and you will always be loved.”

I was called to explore this: I wanted to understand what is self-love.

The more I explored this, the more I realized I didn’t truly love myself. I let people come into my life who didn’t love me and I let them be the one to decide my self-worth. I allowed disrespect and judgment into my life. I also put the needs of a corporation or other people first even if it meant, losing sleep, missing a workout or having space just for me.

Slowly, I started shifting my habits.

Self-love started with full acceptance of myself and others too. Letting go with love what no longer worked (habits, people, activities) and allowing in what felt good and was healing without making anything wrong but just allowing. From that point on, I kept on building new habits (many which I blog about such as morning and evening rituals).

Because of my health, I had to stay home a lot and got this time to connect with myself in solitude. Being a go-getter and a leader in a large corporation, it was difficult for me to admit that I couldn’t do what I once could.  I had to work through my negative feelings toward myself one layer at a time, one tragic memory at a time and one hurt at a time. I also had to learn to recognize my current limits, ask for a lot of support and grow steadily (at my own pace). I learned to be comfortable in my own solitude (not feel lonely for the first time) and reconnect with my childhood pleasures (all of them), learn that doing nothing is everything and most of all, learn how to love myself.


Even More About Leanne

I’m a personal empowerment coach focused on self-love, health and being your boldest and truest self. I have been coaching individuals both in every day life, corporate and non-profit on realizing their true voice, potential and living in a way that they once perceived as impossible.

I’m always growing my capacity to love myself and others (it is a forever journey) and I have reached a point where I have given myself permission to do it all in balance: pursue my dreams, get lost in hobbies, nurture my health to the fullest, laugh and love more all so I can work toward being my most loving, authentic, strongest and super-powered self.

Today, I spend my time leading a team in technology, coaching, learning so I can keep growing personally (from the inside-out). I’m also going to many new places and snapping pics with my pup. I’m exploring my creativity through writing, music and art. I like to stay fit through dancing games, yoga, pilates and a lot of walking. I’m pretty minimalistic but sometimes I love to splurge to indulge my artistic senses and need for more variety and colour in my life. I value health, fun and freedom and self-love is the foundation of all of that.

My superpower is authenticity, vulnerability and uplifting others. I have coached individuals and teams for 5+ years and seen their lives shifts both professionally and personally because one thing held true: they were being who they truly are (today vs in the future). They stuck to it because through coaching, they felt more belief in themselves and more possibilities for their lives and capabilities!

Some background on me

  • 10+ years creating programs and leading teams in a large corporation
  • 5+ years coaching individuals, team in corporate and non-profits on: self-love, belief in their abilities, harnessing their abilities, leadership
  • Worked with many different coaches to build my own self-awareness, self-love and empowerment
  • 5+ years in a variety of communication, leadership courses
  • Degree in operations management & business
  • Health Coach Certified; currently enrolled in the mastery program
  • More here on LinkedIn


What else do you want to know? 🙂

I love reading your comments, receiving calls and connecting 1:1 on Skype so please do reach out! Especially if you are the type that normally doesn’t reach out, I encourage you to grow by asking, connecting and sharing!

I love reading your comments, receiving calls and connecting 1:1 on Skype so please do reach out! Especially if you are the type that normally doesn’t reach out, I encourage you to grow by asking, connecting and sharing!

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