Improving My Life During Uncertain Times

I wanted to share how I am improving my life during these uncertain times (Covid-19) to hopefully inspire some empowerment. First of all, I wanted to say I am grateful I have the ability to do so because my life hasn’t always been this way. I used to focus 100% of my time on healing when I fell ill for months. Sometimes change is imposed upon us and sometimes it comes within us.

More Courage On International Women’s Day

Courage is the first word that comes to mind on International Women’s Day. I think about all the brave women before me that fought to make greatness in the world despite all the resistance to change, all the setbacks and all the people telling them no.

Productivity Apps That Make Work Fun

Have you ever used your phone to your advantage to make you more productive vs a form of distraction? I am excited to share my favorite productivity apps with you and this builds on the previous post about accountability. Productivity apps can help hold you accountable as well as make work more fun!

Why We Prioritize Our Job Over Our Goals

Why do we work so hard to hit deadlines at work and perform our best but when it comes to our own goals and dreams, it’s easy to procrastinate or approach it halfheartedly? What can we do about this? How can we put our goals and dreams at the forefront of our lives and be all in?

My First Solo Trip – Anxiety, Aging & Awakening

I wanted to share my experiences with you on my first solo trip. For someone who has had some major fears of travel and traveling alone, this was a huge milestone for me. Here I share: how to plan for your solo trip, facing anxiety during the trip and letting it go.

Transform Your Money Mindset In Three Steps

Hi everyone, I know you probably clicked on this because you either want to make more money, spend more money (without freaking out about it), do more good with money or just be at more peace with money. You have probably heard that money is a tool. Well let me tell you, it is more […]

Do One Meaningful Thing – Just One (Each Day)

We all want to live a meaningful life, yet somehow, we talk ourselves out of it. It feels so hard at first because we are making new choices. To live meaningfully, I share my own personal experience and how I worked through it by coaching myself. It starts with changing the pattern and taking small steps. Now, go do something meaningful to you!

The Art of Taking Action | How I’m Up-leveling My Life’s Action

I have been reading this book called “The Art of Taking Action” and it has helped me up-level my action in my daily life. Not the type of action that is frantic and non-stop but the type of action that serves our body, soul, mind and purpose. We all have things we resist and it is the things we resist most that we most need.

Self-Love & Superpower Interview with Christine Fleurice

I’m so excited to be featuring Christine Fleurice who lives in Austria! Christine is studying education to become a primary school teacher. She felt unmotivated in her teenage years and was able to transform that over time with gratitude.

Going Inward With Utmost Compassion For Self

When we think of compassion, we often think about how can we be more compassionate with others but what about ourselves? Some people don’t want to look within because it feels uncomfortable or even narcissistic but it is so the opposite of that. If we can hold a mirror to ourselves…