Do One Meaningful Thing – Just One (Each Day)

We all want to live a meaningful life, yet somehow, we talk ourselves out of it. It feels so hard at first because we are making new choices. To live meaningfully, I share my own personal experience and how I worked through it by coaching myself. It starts with changing the pattern and taking small steps. Now, go do something meaningful to you!

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The Art of Taking Action | How I’m Up-leveling My Life’s Action

I have been reading this book called “The Art of Taking Action” and it has helped me up-level my action in my daily life. Not the type of action that is frantic and non-stop but the type of action that serves our body, soul, mind and purpose. We all have things we resist and it is the things we resist most that we most need.

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Going Inward With Utmost Compassion For Self

When we think of compassion, we often think about how can we be more compassionate with others but what about ourselves? Some people don’t want to look within because it feels uncomfortable or even narcissistic but it is so the opposite of that. If we can hold a mirror to ourselves…

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You Are Worth It – You Are Worth Taking Action For

Have you ever asked yourself, am I worth it? Am I worth that pay raise, worth pursuing that dream and worth finally taking that step I have been putting off for quite some time? If you don’t feel worth it, read on…and if you feel worth it and aren’t taking action on that “thing,” read on as well! 🙂

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Stop Stressing 24/7 and Schedule a New Life

I was so overwhelmed that I had to take a break and get clarity. Breaks are GOOD. And lesson learned, I am now more equipped to handle new commitments and growth. I’m now scheduling in a new way and if you are feeling stressed, I hope you find this helpful!

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