Get Energy in 4 Days – A Simple and Fun Experiment

Have you ever felt high and then low in energy…and then high and low again? Or maybe your energy is high and then it crashes around 2-3pm…and all you can do is crash on your couch? Whatever you situation is, we are all seeking more energy. I’m excited to teach you about a simple experiment you can try to boost your energy.

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If You Have More Than Three Priorities, You Have No Priorities

I’m having one of those days and frustrated because I can’t seem to make the time for a 30 minute workout and yet there are so many other things I want to do. So I came up with this method (and it goes deeper than just picking 3 priorities)…you feel good doing it and can easily achieve it.

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Intentional Evening and Morning Rituals That You Look Forward To

As of late, evening and morning routines have been on my mind but I don’t want a routine, I want a ritual that fits in with the bigger picture of who I am, how I want to feel and how I want my life to be. Well, I came up with an idea to add some sparkle and self-love in the evening and morning and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Celebrating The Woman I Have Become And The Woman I Am Becoming

Who have you become so far in your life and who are you becoming? You can do this exercise any time but a great time to stop and reflect on who you have become and who you are becoming, is your birthday. I felt compelled to celebrate the 36 qualities I have grown into and the 36 qualities I am becoming…

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