Below you will find details about the signature Hero’s Journey Coaching Program that will help you Land a Career You Love. For a comprehensive program experience, you will participate in at least 12 sessions for a 3 month journey.

Some people find they need a little more time depending on the individual and the size of their career transition.

Career changes and transitions can be daunting and an emotional roller-coaster so this program is designed to help you feel supported and empowered along the way and choose a path that is best aligned to you.

Below, find out more about this program:

1. The 3 phases and what they cover
*the coaching program can be customized to your needs if some of the curriculum doesn’t work for you

2. The package and investment options that work for you

3. How to apply for coaching
*in order for this to be a great investment for you, you would need to apply for coaching first


  • Learn how to manage self-doubt, failure and receive coaching breakthrough conversations
  • Build habits that start pivoting you towards your new career and other life goals daily
  • Learn tools to boost your self-love and confidence
  • Update your professional profile to reflect your new story (LinkedIn, Resume, Cover Letter, Elevator Pitch)

PHASE 2: mindset mastery

  • Discover who you are and who you want to be (purpose, personal brand, growth values)
  • Build a vision for your new life and career that aligns with you and your values
  • Define your top 3 goals
  • Create a life strategy to make room for your new pathway
  • Explore paradigms that will guide how you want to show up in your current and future career
  • Eliminate obstacles & clutter getting in the way such as fears or external distractions

PHASE 3: land the career you love

  • Network effectively, relationship build and develop strong referrals and advocates
  • Interview with confidence, authenticity and tell a clear story of what value bring to the table
  • Negotiate your salary effectively and be your best advocate
  • Celebrate your results and identify what’s next

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3 Month (12 week) Package

You are an adventurous hero and want to experience the complete signature package for the next 3 months.

  • Experience all 3 Phases of the coaching program from discovery to mindset to landing the career you love
  • Customized to you and go at your own pace
  • Session are weekly for 1 hour per session
  • You can combine sessions to experience a 90 minute deep-dive or a 90 minute TCM deep-dive which unravels what patterns are really holding you back
  • Must use all sessions within 14 weeks with option to roll 1 session off 1 month post-completion for a check-in session
  • Investment starts at 3K for a 3 month (12 week) package and pay upfront for the entire 12 sessions
  • No cancellations or refunds
  • Coaching program agreement will provide more detail.

Tip: clients who signed up for at least 3 months got further along in their journey in a shorter time-frame

monthly subscription

You are a courageous hero and are ready to try coaching for as long as you want it. You can go through the signature program or a customized program for you.
  • Sessions are weekly
  • Pay monthly
  • Must use all sessions within the month with option to roll 1 session off 1 month post-completion of your final subscription month (with 30 day cancellation notice)
  • 30 day cancellation policy and no refunds
  • Investment starts at 1K monthly
  • Coaching program agreement will provide more details
Tip: clients who signed up for at least 3 months got further along in their journey in a shorter time-frame


You are a brave hero and want a sidekick with you along your journey of big-massive change such as a large career change, geographical changes, setting a massive goal or going through a big life change.
  • Upgrade any package to Power+ to receive in-between coaching support
  • Support is only promised during business hours (M-F 9-5 pacific) via slack, e-mail and can include proactive reach out, voice messages, resources, encouragement, accountability as well as reactive support to review documents or provide input on topics within the scope of the coaching program goals.
  • Please allow at least 4 business hours to hear a response (but I try to respond as soon as possible).
  • Support time and needs between sessions will be decided between the client and coach.

*note: program varies from individual to individual as everyone has a different life circumstance; you might wind off the road (e.g. more inner work and obstacle management needed) and that’s ok as long as you are doing the work post-sessions and making progress. You might also start some of Phase 2 while building Phase 1. Program results are not guaranteed and please review terms of use for more information.