Chermaine Li, Tech Lead, Microsoft

I finally left a job where I had been unhappy for some time but was hesitant because of the impact it could have on my career.

Through coaching, I was able to gain clarity to my thoughts and map out a plan for my life and career as well as get into action immediately. Once I decided to take the leap, I transitioned to a leadership position in my first people management role working on a product I love. I am also valued at work and am happy going to work each day. Leanne also helped me build my new career by identifying my personal and leadership profile, purpose and goals. Now I find that I show up more intentionally and confident at work.

Also, I made habit changes and I joined a gym I love and workout regularly after having stopped for several years. I am more intentional about my relationships as well and reach out to friends often.

With Leanne’s help, I was able to make decisions quicker knowing that I won’t second guess my choices. Leanne’s easy-going style made every coaching session feel like a conversation between friends yet the impact was transformative.

Kiho Park
Film Director, Japan

I worked with Leanne to find my leadership style since I needed support as a co-founder of a non-profit. After the first session with her, I immediately noticed a change within me. I became a person that I really liked and wanted to be (my true self) and my confidence was so much greater when I was able to be true to who I am.

What was even more surprising is that by being more true to myself, I decided to transition careers and I became a Film Director instead. Transitioning isn’t easy. There was a lot of anxieties and the road toward it was a bit bumpy at first. However, in receiving coaching from Leanne, I found I could take better control of my life by taking action that mattered.

To be honest, every session with Leanne is so much fun. She is someone that can coach you in a way that works for you. With her as my mentor and coach, I have become so self-confident and made big progress and achievements in my life.

Marian Romero
Student, Bellevue college

I was feeling stuck and unmotivated to look for jobs. I wanted to create peace within myself, and find the reasons behind self-sabotaging my personal and professional life. I felt like I was going with “the flow” of how life was supposed to be, instead of building my own path and enjoying the walk.

Loving Leanne coaching offered me the chance to dig inside and understand what kind of person I want to become in the future. Both personal and professional coaching sessions have helped me identify priorities, set up activities and work smarter to get to my goals. I developed a series of habits to understand how my emotions and experiences were leading me to the wrong outcome. Coaching allowed me to build up my personal brand to trust myself and give my best and balance it with a well-deserved reward or break.

Leanne is the type of coach that guides you on what to do and how to do it that suits you best. Leanne made critically think on how to overcome fears, have more confidence in myself and others, and made see what were the next steps in my life. I’m glad that my first coaching experience was with someone as prepared and powerful as Leanne!

Emily Kirby, Program Manager Microsoft

Before coaching, I was really struggling with my confidence and self-assurance. I knew deep down that I had a purpose, but when push came to shove I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) identify what that was.

As a result of coaching, I am confident in who I am and what I bring to the table. I am comfortable asserting myself, both in work and life situations, and believe in my own character and fully own who I am. I identified and now hold my purpose close and really OWN it–how powerful is that!! People at work have mentioned how confident I appear and that the energy I bring is contagious and makes people want to work with my. I think I have always had this energy innately, but now I fully own it as my authentic self and people can see this authenticity.

Leanne is the kind of coach who changed both my ability to love myself and my ability to love others. She helps me see that the reasons I would view myself in a certain way were reflected into the way I viewed the world and others in it. By shifting my self-view, I was able to reflect and shift my view outwards. Her work is powerful and has truly changed my life.

Jeffrey Schulte
Project Manager, Redmond, WA

Before meeting Leanne I was having trouble finding myself in my career. She was the first professional I felt who truly listened to me and helped me navigate a transition from retail to a full-time tech career in a Fortune 500 company.

After working with her, she continued to encourage me to learn from my blindspots and grow stronger and more confident. I was able to overcome my fears and do the work I used to be too afraid to do. I realized my potential and added a lot of value to the work team; with Leanne’s continual coaching and encouragement, I grew as a person.

Now I am a much more confident person, have control of my career and have a much clearer view on where to take my life. If it was not for her guidance, I would not be where I am today: excited and working toward my future, instead of wandering aimlessly.

Nida Rashid
Business transformation manager, Pakistan

I was starting to doubt my abilities and skills after a setback in my career. I would freeze up in interviews and Leanne made me understand why that might be happening and what steps I could take to bring out the best in me. I was able to be confident and authentic during interviews after receiving coaching from Leanne and landed a job I enjoy.

Other areas Leanne and I worked on together was to start sharing my value on social media and network online to pursue my dream role in Customer Success, as well as plan a geographical move to another country! I am now well on my way to moving to a new country. I see the value in taking those baby steps (whether it be health or career) and I’m building a network of professionals who support my career success.

Leanne has a very methodical way of breaking down things into easily digestible parts. She has a good listening ear and much warmth in her personality. I never thought coaching could make a difference to my life and now my perspective has changed for the better. We all need to know someone has our back and who better to have than Leanne as that someone! I am motivated more than ever to pursue my dreams.

Stacy Johnson
esthetician, Washington

Leanne is the real deal.

I’ve been stuck for years regarding relationships and finances and have worked with many professionals to get to the core of these issues.

After only two meetings with Leanne, BOTH areas of my life have opened up tremendously and I’ve been on an upward spiral ever since! 

I’m so excited and thankful for her expertise in Life Coaching and her wonderful listening skills, but mostly for her genuine caring and my excellent results!

Thank you Leanne for making such a difference! Your gifts and talents are so appreciated!

Robbie Elias
Sr. Sound Designer, Washington

Leanne supported me to build healthy habits that I look forward to doing consistently from nutrition to movement. I noticed a huge improvement in my health as my migraines stopped and I reached my fitness goals.

She also supported me tremendously in navigating relationships both inside and outside of work. I was able to tap into my sense of adventure and creativity and have a more balanced life.

Some of my favorite tools were visualization as it helped me tap into my confidence and show up, speak up and get things done.

Sarah Belter
Microsoft, Washington

In working with Leanne, I was able to put words to my life purpose and values which enabled me to truly live them. I found clarity on the things I wanted outside of work and how I wanted to show up at work.

I made huge progress in building healthy habits that originally felt challenging due long work hours but with Leanne’s coaching, I was able to incorporate it in my lifestyle in and outside of work. Some of the goals I had outside of work felt daunting but with guidance in a change of mindset and habits, I was able to take baby steps towards my goals while making big impact.

This freed me to mentor and inspire young students studying computer science with less stress than in past years. I feel empowered now that I can live each day for my core values and strive towards my purpose.

David Lin
Program Manager, Microsoft

Before working with Leanne, this was what I had going on in my life: I have a young daughter and my wife and I both work full time “9-5” jobs.  On top of that I spend about 2-3 hours each day commuting to and from work.  I was also trying to launch a side business so I was giving up weekends and basically almost any extra time I had left in my week.  On top of that we have our usual family and close friend commitments so life was full as it usually is.

Leanne used her experience to help me effectively solve problems, gain more energy, nurture quality time with my family while building a side-business and working full-time.  For example, she helped me visualize meetings that I was going into for a better outcome and have a moment of peace and calm when I was feeling my anxiety rising.

I trusted Leanne was going to create something specific to my needs and that’s exactly what I got.  What impressed me most was that because she knew the specifics of my situation, her recommendations were very often bang on as viable solutions.  As you can imagine, you could solve problems a variety of ways. 

Leanne didn’t just spit ball solutions hoping one will resonate with me, she offered the ideal solution based on my needs in my particular part of the journey and she will do the same for you.At the end of the day you could become a happier, more energetic person – that was the result I ended up with. If you’ve never been coached before, you owe it to yourself to not only try it, but commit to it.  Your future self will thank you.

Brielle Erickson
Executive Assistant SAP

Leanne is so much more than “a coach!” Her passion for helping others shine their brightest light is abundantly clear in her thoughtfully-designed self-love and personal power coaching programs. I had the privilege of participating in her “Visioning” course, and her skillful employment of unique tools such as meditation and guided imagery exercises helped me create a clear definition of success for myself – in addition to concrete steps to achieve it.

The task of creating a 5-year plan (or any other long-term plan) had always seemed a huge undertaking, one on which I really didn’t know where to start. In working with Leanne, we were able to break the work into very manageable pieces, creating a brilliantly vivid, detailed, and straightforward path to manifest my goals.

Her expertise, authenticity, empathy, insight, and sense of humor make her truly exceptional in her field, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a refreshing new take on the coaching experience.

Bunny Yi
Artist, Seattle WA

Leanne is so amazing. She’s done what four therapists couldn’t do and helped me to be living 100% true to what I want – not my parents, not my friends, or romantic partners.

How did she do this? She actually got to know me and helped break the toxic stories I kept unknowingly making about myself. She doesn’t push me to make a decision or try to guide me to taking action. She wades through all the bullshit defense mechanisms and walls and helps to find the small voice that had given up trying to be heard.

I’m just getting started on my journey but am so excited to have the support of such an amazing person who helps me make healthy decisions by having me listen to me, not everyone else. Thanks so much Leanne!

Kevin Han
Program Manager, Amazon, Seattle WA

Leanne led and coached me in order to be effective in my job. Since I was just starting out my career, I lacked experience and even confidence at times. But Leanne helped me grow as a professional and a person. Her empathy, knowledge, and experience made her such a great mentor. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without her guidance.

Veronica Jassman
Project Assistant for Deacon Construction

I worked with Leanne to find my inner strength and be the person I want to be. She is someone who will not only listen to you but she hears you. You will feel accepted vs judged. Her flexible, kind and genuine style is what worked for me.

In just 4 sessions with Leanne, my life did a 180 and I put my self-care needs first. I learned some practical and unique ways to make this happen. I was also much more confident at work. Leanne was able to see the person I truly am so she could support me 100%.

Dee Maria
Merchandise Coordinator MOX Boarding House

Leanne helped me take control of my work/life balance and make the hard decisions I needed to make to be able to pursue a future that best fuels my needs. Before meeting with Leanne I was working 7 days a week, feeling undervalued and overworked. Now I’m back to not only a normal work schedule but also have the resources to build the future that I want!

Alondra pangilinan
UW Bothell student

I am blessed to have been an intern for Leanne and get coaching from her. When I met Leanne, I was in a place of worry, stress, and a whole lot of uncertainty. But, after a few coaching sessions, I learned how to stay grounded and be at peace with where I’m at. I love how she really listens and builds that trust so that I feel comfortable getting vulnerable. She taught me about the concept of co-creation, which meant she wasn’t telling me how to solve my problems, we created solutions together. I also loved how our sessions didn’t have to be formal, we could be casually walking in the park and having a life-changing conversation.

Leticia Abreu, Spain

I got coaching from Leanne to make peace with my past. I couldn’t accept my past and I felt guilty and sad whenever I thought about it, which also made me feel bad about my present and future.

In only one session, Leanne made me see my 20s in a very different way, I was able to find a positive outcome from those times, and I understood that the experiences I had back then give me special traits in the present.

I could forgive myself and others for good, the burden of my past is gone, and now I feel excited about life, and I can focus on the present and the future!

Mackenzie Milne

I can’t say enough positive things about Leanne! After just one session together, Leanne’s coaching inspired me to make drastic changes in my life. Her depth of understanding is incredible and her ability to listen was unlike any other coach I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with a bunch! 

I’m feeling much more centered and focused in my life now than I was before working with her. Beyond that, she is one of the most humble and joyful human beings I know. A pleasure to work with! Thank you Leanne!

Alicia Lalicon
Virtual and Executive Assistant

I reached out to Leanne to find out if coaching was right for me. I went into the call thinking a coach guides me to just be better and more successful and to solve things now. But Leanne shared her own stories with me and found ways we could relate to each other.

She met me where I was at in my life and let us sit there for a while to build awareness vs forcing an outcome. From there we figured out what direction was right for me and listed actionable items for my journey, together so I could move forward at my own pace in an empowered way. I’m so grateful for her presence and genuine support.

Katie Aretz
Seattle, WA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Leanne for 90 days and I’m still astonished at how much in my life has changed.  I came into the program unhappy with my job and myself; now I have a clear path forward towards figuring out what I want in life and a personal formula for how I can achieve it.

This program was a great investment because I learned how to get the best from myself. Leanne provides a wholistic approach for self-evaluation and exploration while moving you into action in a way that helps you tackle big issues bit by bit. I’ve learned to prioritize to maximize my time, how to let go of stressful situations and create new healthy habits such as mindfulness, nutrition and gratitude.

She was also an invaluable sounding board during my rough patches and a strong support arm when I needed to be held accountable to the goals I set.  She will absolutely be my life coach for my lifetime!

Microsoft, Seattle WA

This was one of the best investments I have made on myself.  I loved how Leanne helped me cut through the clutter and arrive at clear goals and a mindset and energy to work towards them.

I was overanalyzing and knew I wanted a change but didn’t know what. I was working in the same career for over a decade. In working with Leanne, I was able to identify my next steps and it was going to be a big change. Despite the size of this transition, I can say that I overcame my fears and anxieties which allowed me to move my entire family to a new country. I will be leaving tech and starting a new career in the nonprofit industry.

I learned that in order to make big changes, I had to make small steps daily and they had to be the right ones. I wasn’t going to start a new chapter one day but I can start today.

More importantly, Leanne helped me identify and modify some of my behaviors both towards myself and others. These have greatly helped me on this journey. The biggest surprise was how the coaching experience extended beyond the career transition and it provided me with tools to handle some of the challenging interactions with my kids. Personally, the most impactful outcome was improved interactions with my son and I am very thankful for that.

The coaching sessions helped me make next steps in my life with optimism and strength to face the unknowns. Thank you, Leanne, for that!

Mary peters, Bellevue WA
Sr software test engineer

Before coaching, I was stuck in my professional and personal life on how I can go for my dreams and be able to have a balanced life.

I now have balance with my work and life -> I am present with my children and have quality time with them. I jump into action instead of overthinking everything so I can get more done. I don’t take things personally anymore.

The coaching with Leanne brought awareness and helped me see that any person can live a life of their dreams at any stage of that person’s life. My favorite part with Leanne was breaking down challenges into very simple and easy steps that I applied right away into my everyday life and see the outcomes. Leanne’s style is unique because she allows me to be myself and during session it was more of conversation. I felt like I was talking to a friend who is there willing to help and guide me through. Her style makes me relaxed and let you in the conversation and work together to lead me to the right decision that I feel is best for me.

I am now a more confident and fulfilled person who is going after my dreams.